Bringing Compassion to the Moment

Whenever you notice a sense of tightness, discomfort, or strong difficult emotion, pay attention to what is happening.

Name the experience for what it is using words or phrases that are your own. “This hurts” “Ouch” “Unpleasant.”

Recognize the experience is part of being human and that all beings experience a variety of types and levels of pain.

Say to yourself things like, “I am not alone in this suffering”, “I share my pain with others who also suffer.”

Then, bring a tenderness to the heart as you would offer support and kindness to a good friend.

Experience the possibility of releasing the tendency to judge oneself for whatever the causes for the discomfort are.

Be kind and gentle. Breathe In and Breathe Out.

Mindfulness Practice

To begin your own experiment with mindfulness, decide to pause for three minutes today.

During this formal pause, pay attention to your body. You might notice warmth or coolness.

You might notice sensations in the body.

You might notice thoughts.

Just, as best as you can, be aware of whatever arises, and then perhaps, notice that sensations and thoughts and feelings also pass away.

Things change.

Bring your attention to the breath and notice the inhale and exhale.

Stay with the breath or just return gently to the breath whenever you notice that some other object is pulling your attention away.

After three minutes, offer gratitude for taking the time to be present with yourself, just the way you are.

Here is a link to an article that discusses some of the benefits of mindfulness.